Skin resolutions

How cliche, a resolutions post on the 1st January.

But there’s something about a new year that gives everyone some determination to accomplish something. Whether it’s professional or personal, food or exercise, everyone has something they want to work towards. This post is not a ‘New year, new me‘ it’s more about adjustments and being more mindful of my skin.

I went to bed with a herbal tea with lights out at 11.40pm yesterday so no prize for me for being the life and soul of the party and I am 100% happy with that. But before I boycotted fireworks and champagne, I had a think about what my skin resolutions could be for 2019.

  1. Keep it simple
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If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that a straightforward routine gives the best results. This is tricky because I’m a skincare magpie and want to try new, sparkly things which promise miracles. On holiday the week before Christmas, I took a lot of miniatures in my travel bag to save on space. Although I didn’t have any major reactions, I just felt that my skin wasn’t responding well. On Christmas Eve when we got home, I used my usual cleanser, treatment and moisturiser and the next day I woke up with my skin feeling back to normal. Bombarding my face is just a recipe for disaster.

2. Less refined sugar

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My best friend Fiona told me she recently gave up sugar and said the biggest difference she noticed was in her skin. There are supposedly 56 types of refined sugar with different names and are found in tons of processed foods so it’s easy to see why sugar is addictive. It’s bad for your teeth, your immune system, causes premature ageing because it destroys collagen…I could go on. So it seems giving up refined sugar would be a good skin resolution. This will be one of the hardest as I have no self-control with food.

3. Don’t touch my face

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Apart from when cleansing, moisturising, etc dermatologists and facialists hammer home that touching your face will only lead to bad things, namely spots. Hands are touching dirty surfaces, devices- think about all those card machines in supermarkets (gags), and then if you go and touch your face all that bacteria is on your skin… disaster. So I’m going to get into the habit of wiping down my keyboard, phone screen and just say to myself ‘YOU WILL GET A SPOT IF YOU TOUCH YOUR FACE!’

Not an extensive list and I think in some ways that’s better- there’s no need to make an exhaustive list. Would love to hear what other people’s beauty resolutions are for 2019!



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