Shelfie Wishlist

From saving yesterday to (hypothetically) splurging today…

If I had to decide between buying an item of clothing or an item of skincare, the skincare would always win. Not surprising as I write a blog about beauty products and not fashion. Don’t get me wrong, I know my Balenciaga from my Balmain, but you can wear a high street blazer as if it came straight out of Oliver Rousteing’s wardrobe.

I digress.

But what if I wasn’t keeping an eye on pay day each month and I could fill up my online basket at Cult Beauty and Space NK without batting an eyelid?

So I wrote a dreamy wishlist of which products I would buy if I just had one day.

The Cleanser

Tata Harper ‘Nourishing Cleansing Oil’. Despite not currently using one, I love an oil-based cleanser. First of all it just feels great and as someone with skin on the oilier side, an oil-based cleanser can work really to balance skin and leave it feeling plump. (There’s a tendency to want to use a foaming cleanser but you end up stripping the skin and overproducing oil=oilier face). Tata Harper is well-known for 100% organic and toxin, artificial fragrance, GMO, filler, synthetic colour and chemical free products. Tata has invested a lot in science and working with ingredients sourced from all over the world. The nourishing cleansing oil has 11 high power botanical ingredients and sources of vitamins and minerals- great for dissolving makeup and leaving skin smooth. At £66 it’s not the most expensive item on this list, but according to their FAQs, Tata Harper reckon this will last you 60 days (so an expensive re-stock every 2 months).

The Essence

SKII ‘Facial Treatment Essence’. In the last 5 years, beauty brands from the Far East have exploded: Shiseido, Dr Jart, Innisfree are just a few and much is talked about the Korean 7-step cleansing routine, where essence is step 3. Post (1)water and (2)toner, essence is patted into the skin and as it’s a concentrated formula all the good stuff gets straight in. The main ingredient in this essence from Japanese brand SKII is Pitera- a strong cocktail of amino acids, vitamins, proteins and acids which gently exfoliate but also add moisture. I’ve tried a travel size version and really liked how it felt. On net-a-porter a 75ml (that’s not even full hand baggage allowance!) bottle is £62 so I can’t bear to think what a 150ml costs…

The Mask

Sisley Paris ‘Black Rose Cream Mask’. So much has been said about this mask and on checking SpaceNK’s website it’s currently out of stock so this is serious. I’ve never used anything from Sisley Paris but I can imagine the whole range in a glamorous Parisian bathroom overlooking the Marais. Great for high levels of antioxidants and fatty acids which promise plumpness and moisture. Sisley Paris is one of the pioneers of phytocosmetology (creating cosmetics from botanical extracts) and has been doing it since the 1970s. This mask is £105 (winces) but I do love a good mask, especially as luxurious as this one.

The Retinol

Shani Darden ‘Retinol Reform’. You may not have heard of Shani, but you’ve definitely heard of her clients: Jessica Alba, Chrissy Teigen, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley…Her facials are renowned (so that would actually be the first thing on the wishlist plus a flight to LA), using steam, peels, LED light therapy to leave faces glowing. Her catchphrase is also ‘I regret taking such good care of my skin Retinol Reform is the first product she brought out and it instantly received cult status- mainly for its uncomplicated formula and incorporating aloe vera, lactic acid and niacinamide so no dryness, irritation, and combats wrinkles and blemishes (also no oil or silicone!). I have to confess I actually bought this product ONCE. It retails at $95/£75- I was going through a bad skin phase 4 years ago and nothing was working. I actually emailed Shani, she asked for photos and then sent me advice back which was an unexpected blessing. It leaves skin smooth and at the time I noticed a reduction in breakouts but couldn’t justify the repurchase.

Total shopping bag= £383 (cheaper than a designer handbag but more than my water, electricity & gas bills combined…)

There is currently no way I can justify purchasing any of these right now, and to be honest I’m very happy with how my skin is behaving. It is so easy when you’re struggling and desperate with your skin to throw money at any product that promises the result you want. As I did with Shani, why not reach out to a dermatologist or expert facialist for advice? A good one won’t only recommend what they’re selling but what is best for you.



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