Travel Skincare: A weekend

Last weekend I spent 48 hours in Spain. I was flying Ryanair which meant all I could take was about the clothes on my back and a packet of chewing gum, so I had to think hard about what products would make the cut into my washbag.

Years ago this exercise of getting everything under 100ml would have stressed me out, but now I’ve got it down to a fine art!

  1. Travel containers– these are so great for dispensing product into because I can’t get travel sizes of my favourite products (plus I don’t do wipes…EVER) They come in all shapes and sizes: spray, pour, squeeze so they work with most things. I love the ones from Muji, but Boots & Superdrug also do them.
  2. A see through washbag– I hate nothing more than organising my stuff so carefully to then have to chuck it all into an airport plastic bag. So I got a SpaceNK travel bag- it’s totally see through and airport approved (it passed through airport security without questions) and fits a lot of stuff into it. You can also just see anything so if you need to reach for something specific, you don’t need to rummage.
  3. Don’t try out new things– it’s tempting to take samples away with you in order to serve space. I did this recently over the Christmas break- I was in a good place with my skin and so I was over-confident and packed a load of new products. But testing out multiple products that you’ve never used before can be a recipe for disaster. I’m not saying I had a hideous reaction that I wanted to put a bag over my head (the one from airport security) but my skin just felt off balance. Dispensing products you know and love into smaller containers (as in step 1) will ensure nothing wrecks the status quo
  4. Less is more (space)– the number of times I have taken clothes that never get worn, the same can be said for my products on holiday- specifically makeup. For example, a whole eyeshadow palette or 3 different types of foundation… You know you’re just going to end up using your favourite colour and brand. So I try to give my skin a break when I’m away, especially if it’s a sunny destination. And if you end up needing something, well then that’s just a great excuse to head down to a local beauty shop!

So what did I take…..



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