March Favourites

March is a long month, however unlike January it comes with it the prospect of warmer weather, blossoming trees and new life.

Despite my epic blogging fail in February, here have been my favourites from the last month:

  1. Beauty Pie Every Day Great Skin Foundation: I bought this as it bore an uncanny resemblance to both Bobbi Brown and Giorgio Armani foundations, except this cost me £6. I went for colour Light 300 which according to the Beauty Pie foundation matcher would be the best for my Bobbi Brown colour Warm Beige. It’s light to medium coverage with a semi-matte finish and would work best on normal-oily skins and it’s also oil-free so potentially also good for acneic skin. I apply it with a foundation brush and it blends really well, with a subtle glow. This colour is perhaps a shade too dark for winter but for summer it will be perfect.
  2. Ermana Skincare Renew Facial Oil: It’s been a while since I used a facial oil and this is down to my rollercoaster skin journey. I am finding with age that there is something very nourishing and plumping about applying an oil at nighttime. This was a gift from an event I went to where the founder Claire was speaking. Ermana is an Oxford-made brand which came out of Claire’s own struggle with sensitive skin. Ermana has a range of face, body and home products which use essential oils. The renew face oil contains apricot oil, macadamia oil, jojoba oil, vitamin E, neroli and ylang ylang so it’s a potent blend of antioxidants and omegas. It’s not greasy and sinks in well to skin but I wouldn’t use it in the day unless you’ve got dry skin.
  3. Burt’s Bees Lip Balm with Vitamin E and Peppermint: I kept forgetting to put lip balm on especially before bed, so I put this in my bathroom cupboard to finish off my PM routine. The light peppermint flavour isn’t too overpowering and actually is quite nice after brushing your teeth. Full of beeswax, it has a lovely texture and gets rid of dryness and cracks super quick. I haven’t used a lot of Burt’s Bees but there story is a great one read here it’s also been featured in Guy Raz’s ‘How I built this’ (a great podcast which has also featured Dermalogica).
  4. OGX Thick & Full Biotin & Collagen Shampoo: To me it doesn’t make sense to use great ingredients (and skip the toxic ones) on your face but keep using them on your hair and body, so I’m trying to pick products accordingly. I chose this because it is sulfate-free and despite my reluctance to believe product promises, this doesn’t weigh hair down and on day 2 of washing, hair is noticeably less greasy than usual. I’ve also used their Coconut Water shampoo which is equally light. Both come in travel size so they are ideal for holidays and weekends away.
  5. Soap & Glory Body Lotion– my goodness if this isn’t the nicest smelling body lotion on the planet! I purchased the travel size to take to Paris and it is just so lovely. I’m pretty sure it’s also in a body butter version, but my feelings on body butters is that they’re only good for before bed and a nightmare of stickiness if you need to get dressed. So this sinks in quick, no tackiness and leaves a subtle scent on the skin. It’s also great on value and has a really wide range of products- they recently launched hair products which are paraben and sulfate free (so I plan to give these a go after OGX).
  6. Holland & Barrett Acidophilus 3 billion: In March I started to get my gut health back on track and started retaking probiotics. I already had these in my bathroom cupboard so I didn’t want to repurchase different ones. Interestingly, according to some articles, acidophilus is good for acneic skins but I can’t say whether I’ve noticed any difference.



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