It’s not often you go anywhere and see an image campaign where the model, be it male or female, is suffering from acne.

Last Saturday these were the first images I saw as I walked into Bioderma’s #embraceyourskin event in London.

Hung up around the room where large portraits of men and women who were sharing their honest skin journey; no make-up and no airbrushing.

I thought to myself:

Could I have done that when my skin was at its worst? Would I have sat in front of a total stranger and let them photograph my biggest insecurity?

Absolutely not.

I don’t think I even have barefaced photos of that time that I could even share now. So I really had to mentally applaud these individuals who were so open about sharing their journey.

At 25 I can definitely say I did not #embracemyskin. At 32 I’m a lot more comfortable but that’s also because I’m on the upside of my skincare journey. It’s much harder to do this if you’re struggling and so Bioderma’s mission on Saturday was to make us all feel more comfortable in our own skin.

Though workshops, food and conversations, a group of mostly women got together and every single person had something to share about their skin. It was the common thread between us.


The most engaging conversation was with Dr Ewoma Ukeleghe aka SknDoctor and honestly I could have sat there for hours discussing skin (rather than 30 minutes). She went through the causes of acne, varying types and their severity as well as treatment.


Combined with great food and open conversations, the event definitely got people sharing. I hope that for those who came in feeling insecure or unhappy with their skin,  they left with a positive outlook, more confidence and the feeling of a support network. It does take time, and products which promise miracles are not the answer but perhaps embracing your skin is the first step.



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