The Season Switch: Summer to Autumn

We are way past the end of summer, the nights are getting longer and the temperature is dipping but it’s not all doom and gloom. From a fashion perspective, Autumn means reviving boots, jackets and polo necks that have been locked away in the back of your wardrobe. For skincare, this is also a time when those cherished youth-preserving products start creeping back out as the likelihood of sun exposure is dismally low (it is if you’re in the UK anyway).

I tend to keep chemical exfoliation low-key during the summer as skin is much more photo-sensitive. I don’t see much point in spending an evening layering acids on your face and then sticking it in the sun the next day to damage that baby-smooth skin. Yes, I said it. I stick my face and my whole entire body in the sun during the summer (gasp). I wear SPF 50, I don’t burn and I enjoy being outside, especially when I’m on holiday. Therefore, I see a massive increase in the amount of pigmentation on my face- particularly forehead, above my upper lip and nose. So once the sun gives its final salute, that’s when I really up my game in terms of treating my face.

Retinol. My relationship with retinol takes a break over the summer for a similar reason as the acids. Hidden away from UVA/UVB, my face really reaps the benefits of this ingredient during the winter. I recently purchased the Inkey List retinol and it is working wonders. Not only is it a great price (£10), it has amazing texture and no-irritation.

Acid. Although I regularly use vitamin C as a morning treatment, now I’m also including liquid exfoliation into the mix. I only do this at night as I don’t see the point of putting makeup or SPF (not to mention pollution) over the top. My go-to are soaked pads with salicylic or glycolic and I’ve just finished my second tub of the Nip & Fab ones. Next up will be the Primark Beauty X Alex Steinherr version however I’m well aware of the environmental impact these wipes/pads have so I may well turn to an alternative solution. One could be the Lactic Acid from The Ordinary which is an uncomplicated formula that works gently yet effectively on skin that’s prone to congestion.

Moisturiser. Once that heating clicks on, I seriously notice a difference in my skin’s hydration levels. Outside in the cold, followed by heated houses/offices, my skin and lips are drier and tend to be more irritated. Whereas in summer I opt for lighter moisturisers from Bioderma or La Roche-Posay, in winter I take this an opportunity to use richer creams. I’m currently working my way through Beauty Pie’s Jeju Overnight Moisture Infusion (currently out of stock). I wasn’t a fan of this to begin with- probably because I was using it in the wrong season- but now my skin is enjoying something richer. *I don’t use this as a day cream because it would be too heavy for me with makeup over the top.*

Let me know if you make any changes to your skincare routines throughout the year and leave your tips in the comments box below.


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