The Inkey List- my new favourite moisturiser?

The Inkey List is fast becoming a favourite brand of mine: cost-effective, powerful packaging and delivers what it says on the bottle. So far I’ve tried three of their products and have enjoyed them all but particularly the one I’ve just finished and repurchased- the Multi-Biotic moisturiser.

I picked this up on a whim in Boots (a high-street drugstore for those of you non-UK based). I had run out of moisturiser and needed a replacement. Usually I opt for something from La Roche-Posay, which is inoffensive in that it locks all my products in without irritation or greasiness and is great for reactive/sensitive skin. I didn’t know Boots had started stocking the Inkey List (they’re definitely diversifying and broadening their product ranges) but spotted the Multi-Biotic moisturiser.

At £12.99 it’s one of the pricier options from the range. What specifically appealed to me was the line ‘great to rebalance the skin after over exfoliation‘. I use acids and retinol in rotation so whilst my skin doesn’t show signs of over-exfoliation, I like the concept of balancing the skin. In addition to this, it boasts hydrating and brightening properties. So all round it seemed like an excellent combo to try.

AND IT WAS! I’m oily, so this was incredibly lightweight whilst still feeling like a smoothing cream. Interestingly it also smells like chocolate. I don’t know if this is because of the yoghurt powder but it was quite enjoyable. I used it both morning (before SPF) and evening (after everything else) and my skin loved it. No reactions at all.

The downside it’s a small bottle (30ml) however one pump easily does the whole face. I bought it in August and would say it lasts 3 months comfortably. As it is a pump, the packaging means you can’t cut into it to scoop out the last drops however all in all a great product.

In the UK, the Inkey List is available at Boots, Selfridges and Cult Beauty (among others).


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