Skin&Me Review

Personalisation is fast becoming the go-to for beauty brands. Why choose an off-the-shelf foundation when you can do a quiz online and send some photographs to Il Makiage or Dcypher and get a customised formula? And skincare brands are taking note.

Back in March my skin was fine but I was experiencing some breakouts from increased mask wearing and to be honest was becoming a little tired of buying multiple serums. After seeing Lucy Partington (@lucyparts beauty journalist) and Addicted to Face (@addicted_to_face content creator) rave about their experiences of Skin&Me, I decided to have a look.

Skin&Me is a subscription prescription (say that quickly). Their treatments focus on: skin ageing & pigmentation, blemishes/acne, melasma, and rosacea. You identify specific skin goals that you have, and it takes into consideration your gender, skin type, and skin tone. Based on this a pharmacist will prescribe a topical treatment that comes delivered to your door on a monthly basis. Each month, the ingredient combination will be tweaked as your tolerance to certain ingredients (e.g. tretinoin) increases.

The package arrives in a metal twist dispenser, illustrating the number of days. It twists to provide exactly the amount you need to use each evening and keeping things hygienic by being air tight. Your next subscription will arrive in time for you to start the next month and you can adjust this through your online account.

My specific treatment is a combination of tretinoin, niacinamide and azaleic acid. The advice is to cleanse morning and night. In the morning apply moisturiser and SPF. In the evening, apply Skin&Me followed by moisturiser (important to note after at least 10 mins). That’s it.

It’s been a while since I’ve been this consistent with a routine and I’m now on month 6. I’m seriously impressed. I don’t experience breakouts at all now, and if I do have a blemish, it virtually disappear overnight or at least it doesn’t come to a head. In terms of dryness, I experience some around my nose and mouth- this is partly my fault as the advice when using retinol is to keep away from nose, lips and eye areas where skin is generally more delicate.

During the last 6 months, I’ve also been struck by the compliments I’ve received on my skin, to the point where someone recently asked me at a wedding, ‘but seriously, have you had Botox?’.

In terms of cost, it’s £19.99 a month. Over the course of a year that’s £239.88. It’s not a minimal cost. However, would I spend that over the course of the year in a myriad of morning and evening serums? 100%. It has drastically reduced the number of products I have on rotation and as any skin professional will tell you, consistency is the key to results.

Interested to give it a go? You can get 1 month free off by using ELIZABEW99HR


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