Review: Teresa Tarmey Facial

It’s a well-known fact amongst those close to me, that no one touches my face. That is unless you’re a facialist. For me getting a great facial is like a great dinner out. You look forward to it, you’ve already browsed the menu in advance, the service is excellent, and you walk away feeling like the money you paid was well worth it. Not to mention, you’d return to dine in a heartbeat.

I can safely say Teresa Tarmey is a great dinner out. How and why was she on my radar? Caroline Hirons (obvs). Teresa has two clinics in London: Belgravia and Notting Hill and has been practising for over 20 years, using cutting-edge innovations to treat all manner of skin types and conditions. As I was visiting London on a Saturday, only the Belgravia clinic offered appointments. I booked the Signature TT Facial as it covers all the bases and at a price point that I can justify.

The Belgravia clinic is tucked away in a courtyard off a Mews-like street. Very discreet. The Notting Hill clinic is very much the showstopper (as Instagram has shown me) located inside a former church whereas in Belgravia it’s a smaller set up. It’s worth noting that Teresa does not carry out the Signature Facial, her expertise are saved for the Advanced TT and the Ultimate TT.

The Signature Facial includes (to quote from the TT website):

The Ultimate Cleanse ⏤ specialist removal of skin impurities with massage.

Bespoke Lactic Acid Peel ⏤ powering brightening, expertly tailored to your skin type.

Extractions ⏤ masterful extraction of blackheads, spots & milia, without trauma.

Cryo-Ball Sculpting ⏤the ice-lift facial to enhance your features + activate a lasting glow.

LED Light Therapy ⏤ tailoring a light wavelength to rejuvenate skin and treat conditions.

Boost, Tone & Renew Massage ⏤ expert lymphatic drainage & contour sculpting.

My facialist Lilly talked me through each step and over the course of the 45-60min, my face received her absolute attention. If you’re looking for sweeping strokes and ultimate relaxation, this is not the treatment for you. I love a chemical exfoliant, especially lactic acid, and that tingling of it working its magic was highly satisfying. Special mention goes to the extractions stage, where I was squeezed within an inch of my life. The cryo-ball was excellent and my skin felt nice and tight and then I may have dozed off during the LED light therapy, great for collagen production and healing. Finally, facial massage is one of my favourite things to really work the lymphatic system.

How did my face look afterwards? Merry and bright, with slight redness that disappeared by the time I got home. It was also incredibly smooth, it’s hard to resist the urge not to touch your face constantly (hands are dirty, please refrain). Lily advised me not to use actives for the next 1-2 days, so no acids or retinols. That night I did a cleanse with my fail-safe Inkey List Oil Balm Cleanser followed by the Murad Hydro-dynamic Ultimate Moisturiser. I had a small blemish that appeared the next morning on my cheek which may have been brought to the surface from the treatment, but combined with a full day of wearing a face mask, it’s difficult to say.

Cost of the treatment= £129. Readers, this is where I spend my money. Not on clothes and not on regular dining out. An important note, much like a well-trained chef, a facial is about paying for expertise and products used.

Got a favourite facial treatment? Let me know where and who in the comments below.


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