Review: Teresa Tarmey Facial

It’s a well-known fact amongst those close to me, that no one touches my face. That is unless you’re a facialist. For me getting a great facial is like a great dinner out. You look forward to it, you’ve already browsed the menu in advance, the service is excellent, and you walk away feeling like the money you paid was well worth it. Not to … Continue reading Review: Teresa Tarmey Facial

Skin&Me Review

Personalisation is fast becoming the go-to for beauty brands. Why choose an off-the-shelf foundation when you can do a quiz online and send some photographs to Il Makiage or Dcypher and get a customised formula? And skincare brands are taking note. Back in March my skin was fine but I was experiencing some breakouts from increased mask wearing and to be honest was becoming a … Continue reading Skin&Me Review

The Inkey List- my new favourite moisturiser?

The Inkey List is fast becoming a favourite brand of mine: cost-effective, powerful packaging and delivers what it says on the bottle. So far I’ve tried three of their products and have enjoyed them all but particularly the one I’ve just finished and repurchased- the Multi-Biotic moisturiser. I picked this up on a whim in Boots (a high-street drugstore for those of you non-UK based). … Continue reading The Inkey List- my new favourite moisturiser?

Hyperpigmentation & the products I’m using to tackle it

I started to develop hyperpigmentation on my face in my late twenties. After each summer I had noticeably darker patches on my face across my forehead, temples, upper lip and sides of my cheeks. Despite being meticulous with applying suncream to my face, it appears all the same, often having me question whether it is hyperpigmentation caused by sun damage or melasma- which are not … Continue reading Hyperpigmentation & the products I’m using to tackle it

Natural Deodorants

For about a year and a half I’ve dabbled in natural deodorants. I would define my underarm preferences/type as follows: I like a stick (easier to travel both from a liquid allowance and size) It needs to be under £4 It shouldn’t be overly perfumed I’m a sweater (i.e. someone who sweats, not a jumper) My wardrobe isn’t 100% (or even 10%) organic cotton/silk/cashmere so … Continue reading Natural Deodorants

The products that saw me through lockdown

Restrictions are starting to ease for the most part. So much so that I ordered things online, forgetting that I could pick up beauty essentials in the supermarket or an actual shop. For many of us, buying habits when it comes to beauty products have changed dramatically, even indefinitely. Why head into a high street when most of what you ‘need’ can be found online? … Continue reading The products that saw me through lockdown

Coping with reactive skin during winter months

What’s red, itchy and not something you see all the time? No not a Christmas jumper, rather a case of reactive winter skin. About 2 weeks ago, I woke up to find the skin across my cheeks covered in small, red dots and feeling particularly sensitive. I thought back to the products I had used in the previous days, and nothing was particularly new or … Continue reading Coping with reactive skin during winter months