Natural Deodorants

For about a year and a half I’ve dabbled in natural deodorants. I would define my underarm preferences/type as follows: I like a stick (easier to travel both from a liquid allowance and size) It needs to be under £4 It shouldn’t be overly perfumed I’m a sweater (i.e. someone who sweats, not a jumper) My wardrobe isn’t 100% (or even 10%) organic cotton/silk/cashmere so … Continue reading Natural Deodorants

The products that saw me through lockdown

Restrictions are starting to ease for the most part. So much so that I ordered things online, forgetting that I could pick up beauty essentials in the supermarket or an actual shop. For many of us, buying habits when it comes to beauty products have changed dramatically, even indefinitely. Why head into a high street when most of what you ‘need’ can be found online? … Continue reading The products that saw me through lockdown

The Season Switch: Summer to Autumn

We are way past the end of summer, the nights are getting longer and the temperature is dipping but it’s not all doom and gloom. From a fashion perspective, Autumn means reviving boots, jackets and polo necks that have been locked away in the back of your wardrobe. For skincare, this is also a time when those cherished youth-preserving products start creeping back out as … Continue reading The Season Switch: Summer to Autumn

March Favourites

March is a long month, however unlike January it comes with it the prospect of warmer weather, blossoming trees and new life. Despite my epic blogging fail in February, here have been my favourites from the last month: Beauty Pie Every Day Great Skin Foundation: I bought this as it bore an uncanny resemblance to both Bobbi Brown and Giorgio Armani foundations, except this cost … Continue reading March Favourites