Suncream: Face & Body

My silver lining during lockdown in the UK, has been (for the most part) the appearance of longer, sunny days. If you don’t have a garden, I can imagine it’s not ideal. However for that governement-approved 1 hour daily exercise, it’s a welcome relief.

Before we closed ourselves in, I had bought some suncream for a holiday (remember those). Thankful that it wasn’t purchased in vain, I have been using these and some other SPFs and thought I would share them here.

Ultrasun SPF30 Tan Activator Face

I came across Ultrasun for the first time in Marks & Spencer and what appealed to me was the lack of perfume, mineral oil and other pore-blocking ingredients, as well as the reputation of Swiss-produced skincare. Initially I tried the oil-free for face and loved it: non-oily, didn’t cause any reactions and highly resistant to water & sweat meaning less need to reapply frequently. I’ll admit, with this one I was drawn in by the phrase ‘tan activator’ which to quote from their website comes from ‘Ectoin, an advanced active ingredient that stimulates the production of melanin and activates the natural tanning process‘. I can’t testify as to whether this tan activation is happening, however I haven’t burnt using it and it works really well on my skin without any white sheen or greasiness.

Ultrasun SPF30 Tan Activator Body

As a trusted user of Ultrasun, I spent more than I usually would on suncream to try out the body-counterpart to the product above. I would say this is much thicker and leaves a little more of a white sheen on the skin. It has zero-oiliness though, and therefore doesn’t feel sticky. Again, no burning at all and as I wasn’t swimming or excessively sweating in the sun, I didn’t re-apply- a huge plus.

Beauty Pie Ultralight UVA/UVB SPF25

This is one of my favourite products from the beauty subscription service and have sung its praises many times. I only use this as my non-holiday suncream. Meaning I don’t sit out in the sun with it, rather it acts as my daily moisturiser for when I’m going to work, I’m wearing makeup or I’m going anywhere where I may have some sun exposure but for the most part I’m inside/shaded. It’s incredibly fluid with hyaluronic acid and liquorice extract and made in Japan. With all face suncreams, I use them as my daily moisturiser which according to Caroline Hirons is ‘like going out all day with a raincoat on and only bra and knickers underneath.‘ So watch this space, if Lady CH says to do it, you know it’s probably a good thing.

Supergoop 100% Mineral Matte Screen SPF40

This is a product I’ve only recently tried as it was given to me by my friend S who didn’t get along with it. Designed as a universal tint with a blurring effect, I used this to go to the supermarket without any makeup on the other day (the glamour). It definitely seems to even things out and feels very matte, the kind of matte that only a lot of silicone can achieve, which is why I’m sure it’s great for under makeup. Would I use it to go the pool/beach? Absolutely not. However, it would be perfect for example for an outdoor occasion like a wedding where you want your makeup to go the distance without risking the UV damage.

Clockwise from top: Beauty Pie Ultralight, Ultrasun Tan Activator Face, Supergood Mineral Matte, Ultrasun Tan Activator Body

Feel free to share your suncream saviours below



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